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According to all published accounts, George Brent was born George Brendan Nolan in Shannonsbridge, County Dublin, Ireland. What seems to be in question is the date. Some sources show March 15, 1899 and others March 15, 1904.

With such flamboyant performers as Cagney, Robinson, and Bogart on the Warner lot, this tall, urbane actor stood out just by being low key. A former member of the Abbey Theatre (though only in small parts), he eventually made his way to the U.S. and Broadway, and came to Hollywood when sound opened up the door for stage actors. He made an inauspicious starring debut opposite Rin-Tin-Tin in a 1931 Mascot serial, The Lightning Warrior. He was signed by Warner Bros. in 1932 and spent the next 20 years being paired with many of the movies' top leading ladies, notably Bette Davis.

After some TV work, including a regular stint on "Fireside Theatre" and a starring role on "Wire Service," Brent retired to his ranch, reemerging just before his death to play Judge Uerhard Gesell in the movie Born Again (1978). Brent was married to fellow Warner Bros. contractee Ruth Chatterton from 1932 to 1934. Brent was also briefly married to actresses Constance Worth and Ann Sheridan.

His last marriage was to model/socialite Janet Michael. They had two children, a daughter (b. 1950) and a son (b. 1954).


Mr. Brent was a licensed pilot. You can see him landing an airplane in The Great Lie (1941).

Served on Michael Collins' ASU (Active Service Unit) assassin/hitmen squad (as "George Nolan", his real name), although he could not have been more than 16 or so.

Was to have starred in the film, Death of a Scoundrel (1956), but took ill after a large party scene had been filmed. Rather than an expensive re-shoot, the producers left the scene (with him visible) in the final cut. He was replaced in the lead by George Sanders.


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